Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An Egg A Day

We got an egg, We got an egg, We got an egg hey hey hey hey (singing out loud and shaking booty)! Our little chickies (Cherry, Berry and Peaches) have become women, at least one has! Funny enough it is the smallest, yet loudest hen of all that has started laying the cutest most tasty little eggs you have ever seen. Against my husband advice I choose  bantam hens for our new back yard flock last April because they were So So cute. They were just hatch lings when we bought them and have grown it to very pretty, amusing and as it turns out not so unpractical hens.  Finally after months of waiting it happened, one of our girls laid her first egg and it is beautiful! Think robins egg blue meets sea foam and BOOM that is what sweet little Cherry laid. It is the smallest egg we have ever seen (from a chicken) and just the perfect size for our little Mia to eat for breakfast. There is a very rewarding aspect to producing your own food, or nurturing the animals that produce the food for you...I did't lay they egg so I can't take full credit .But watching your kids go out to fetch the egg that they will eat for breakfast is a great feeling. Try it...really it is totally fulfilling and exciting for everyone. If there are no restrictions in your neighborhood/town about keeping poultry you really should consider keeping a small flock or a huge brood for sustainable food production for your family. People pay small fortunes for organic cage free eggs and knowing your food is the bounty of a happy healthy animal makes it even better! I know what your thinking...keeping live stock is for a country bumpkin and hill billies (my view on suburban farmers just a few years ago) but times are changing as is my outlook and back yard chickens and suburban farming is the thing to do with rising food costs and the urge to eat a more natural diet it is the obvious choice. Not so long ago it was expected for a US citizen to do their duty to contribute to their own food consumption by keeping at least two hens per person in the house hold...okay so it was a long time ago but it is still a great idea.  As of today we have had 3 eggs (1 egg per day) from the sweet little loud mouth Cherry and keeping our fingers crossed that the other two are in fact hens and will be laying any day now!


 Advertisement from 1918

From our BLEST little nest

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