Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who's Your Super Store?


I have always been a fan of Target, I love the atmosphere,  products, and customer service provided by the retailer not to mention the 5% you get off your purchase if you are a card holder! For me Target was always go to store, I could get groceries, clothes, shoes, housewares, toys...and the list goes on. However after recently moving Walmart is just a couple of miles from my house and Target is 11 miles away. So I decided to give Walmart an honest shot, even though I have shopped there in Tucson and hated everything about it. Sure the prices were good but the service was terrible and the customers that they normally attract could be a bit sketchy to say the least. (take a quick trip to Though OBVIOUSLY there are normal people who shop there too I just never enjoyed the experience. Back to the point I had decided to give Walmart a second chance and again have been disappointed by the entire experience. Let me count the ways for you...
1) The lay out of the store makes no sense to me, things are every place. While looking for bathroom garbage cans for our new house we found them in 4 different places and you have to crisscross the store to find things that should be together.
2) The prices are low yes BUUUTTT that low price is reflected in the quality of the products.
3)While standing in line for 10 minutes with a bouncy 5 year old, crying 2 year old and 6 days away from my due date (obviously ready to get out of the chaos that is Walmart) the cashier looks past me to the man with a smaller basket and tells him to skip me since he has less, I said I was waiting in line and obviously ready to go and she said "well he has less than you" and took him anyway.
4) After my bitter experience I decided I didn't really like a sofa table I bought there and went back to the store that very same night to return it. I could not for the life of me find the receipt but the product was in the Walmart packaging unopened, and I had purchased it on my debit card so I figured they could return it anyway but what did they give credit forcing me to spend more of my money with them.
If this had been target they would have put the money right back on my card no questions asked! The customer service at Walmart is horrible along with their products and staff. All things that I am not willing to over look for a low price. Obviously this is my OPINION...however with one bad experience after another it cant only be me I am sure.
So from this day forth I declare Target MY SUPERSTORE, I'll save my 5% and enjoy every second of it!! As for that store credit my husband will have to make a quick run into the store and buy as much Halloween candy as possible...they cant get that wrong right?

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