Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lovely Layers

Since moving to Colorado I am learning the art of layering. This morning when I took my daughter to school in was only 42 out, this afternoon when I pick her up it will be in the high 60's so layering has suddenly become a very important talent. I am still in my yuck maternity clothes so I am not given many options but I am day dreaming of being back in my old duds so I can have fun with my outfits again! I have found that layering with a top, sweater, coat and scarf is perfect because it enable me to stay very warm in the morning, comfortable in my sweater around noon and perfect in the afternoon in a regular top. This along with carrying a pair of scandals or flats in my purse for when it starts warming up has become a daily routine for me. Because the weather here fluctuates so much from morning to late afternoon my layering abilities will soon be pro ;) Here is a peek at an outfit I am waiting to wear once I am back in my old clothes again.

What are your tricks for staying comfortable in the fall? 

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