Friday, February 22, 2013


I recently started on a huge project, after six days I am only halfway done but I am totally fine with that! When I am doing a project like this it gives me time to clear my mind... some people do yoga, I DIY!
 I am revamping a dinning room set (table, chairs and china cabinet) to create a fun, family friendly, kid proof decorum in our dinning area! We had a way to big for our space but very nicely built dinning table about a week ago that I planned on fixing up...but plans changed, and this is why.

Fist I should tell you that on Friday I purchased a new fabric to reupholster our chairs so that they would be water/stain proof to our very cute but extremely grody kids! Sunday our neighbor decided to put their dinning set on the curb with a sign screaming FREE!! I had not yet reupholstered our old chairs so I had the fabric to do the "new" set. Of course I had instant visions of paint and sand paper and brushes and DIY ME dancing in my head. So Monday I went to Home Depot (My hardware store of choice) and picked out my colors with the help of their very knowledgeable and patient associate. My husband and I  had decided that we wanted something that was creative, would look good in our kitchen, would add color to our home, could be enjoyed by our kids and also something that they couldn't bring to complete devastation  So something that was made to look weathered, old and beat up on purpose would be PERFECT!! We also liked the idea of chalk board paint which we saw on our neighbors doors...So Cool!! We opted for a chalk board table top to go with the kid friendly table we had in mind. Now the table that we picked up for free had a serious coat of shellac on it making sanding and cleaning it very important if we wanted the paint to stick, which DUH we did!
So we (when I say we, I mean I) sanded, cleaned, prepped and painted and what was great about the whole distress look was that I could paint and not worry if the paint was coating evenly or if I missed a spot, AWESOME! However as I said I am only halfway done with this DIY so here is part one of two

Here is what the table and chairs looked like before, I forgot to take a picture of the table top...must have inhaled a wee bit to much of the denatured alcohol!

A quick comparison
The stuff you will need.
Number 1 most important Dentured Alcohol is a great cleaner and removes SHELLAC whick made prepping the furniture super easy! BUT if your furniture is coated in varnish or lacquer than you will need a different type of removal/stripping product, talk to home depot about which product will work best for you. If you are not sure what is on your table you will need to do some experimenting. 
 Remember the base paint of a faux glaze project should always be lighter than the color you are adding to your glaze. I choose an off white called Victorian Linen for my base and a deep green to add to my glaze (Colors we chose based on the fabric that I already had). If you are only using a quart of glaze you can buy a sample paint jar, the paint to glaze portions are perfect! If you plan on reupholstering you will need fabric but you already knew that! We used outdoor fabric because it's water/stain proof AKA kid proof!
To remove the old upholstery I used a flat head screwdriver and diagonal cutting pliers.  Measured the correct amount of fabric prior to cutting then used a heavy duty stapler to attach the new fabric. I know my husband loves when I use his tools in new and creative ways! Maybe one of these day's I will get my very own tool please!
After sanding, painting, glazing, upholstering and all that fun (and I do mean FUN) stuff we put it all back together, and when I say we I mean my husband! That's how all of our projects work which works for us :)

When you are all done make sure to let your chalk board paint cure for 3 days (which mine is still doing)  before "conditioning" it with chalk! I love this it makes our home feel so much warmer and happier! 

Part two will be coming soon! Oh and PS I had some extra material left over so I get a little bonus project...Yippeeee!

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