Monday, June 10, 2013

9 Tips to Make Moving Easy

Moving is a pain...a huge pain but I have a few tips after our most recent and hopefully LAST TIME EVER move that helped make things a bit easier!

1st of all start Early, as soon as we put an offer in on our home and it was accepted we started packing one room at a time, cleaning the rooms and shutting them as we went this way we didn't have a big cleaning job at the end.

2nd we used very few cardboard boxes and used a ton of big plastic Tupperware that I had left over from my old Evermore Style clothing days. This allowed me to fit a ton of stuff in one container instead of 3 or 4 boxes.
3rd, packing clothes was super easy with this tip I found on Pinterest! Take a large garbage bag and put your clothes in it (still on the hanger in your closet) cinch tightly at the top to allow for easy moving from your old closet to the new one! Just remove the bag once hung in the new closet and VOILA!

4th When packing glass plates place a paper plate between each on for added padding.

5th Change your address, utilities and all other bills to your new address ASAP so you don't get caught up in the move and wait to long. The companies will date it for your anticipated move date ahead of time.

6th We bought our own carpet shampooer instead of having someone else come do it, it was cheaper to buy a good Carpet Steamer instead of having two houses cleaned.  This will definitely pay for it self because our carpet is white and we have 3 kiddos!
7th As you bring boxes in the house put them in the rooms their contents will go in.

8th Hope you have good friends to help you, if it wasn't for our's I am not sure how long it would have taken us to load and unload the truck with a baby strapped to my chest and my husband having to man handle all the heavy lifting alone. Thank you Russ and Megan!

9...Last but not least...Do not let moving stress you out, remember when all is said and done how worth it the whole thing is. Its a happy time so enjoy taking your time setting up and decorating you new home and have fun!

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