Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pinspired Valentines Day DIYs

Pinterest is the go to place for some serious creative inspiration, for me especially around holidays! My husband and I have never made a big deal out of Valentines Day as far as gifts go, we make a "special" dinner which is always lobster tails on the grill and trade cards! Funny Fact the idea of "showing someone how much you love them" through spending exorbitant amounts of money heeehemm Zales totally offends him! We believe in showing how much we care on a daily basis and leave diamonds for birthdays and Christmas...just kidding! But seriously there are tons of fun and affordable ways of spending Valentines Day with out going broke... I don't know about you but my bank account is just getting over the heart attack it had at Christmas ;D
ANY way Pinterest has some super fun decorations and small gifts that can easily be DIYed for anyone.  Since we spend our "day of romance" with our kids having a lobster bake, here are a few fun things I plan on doing for the 14th, plus my kiddos will have a fun time helping out!
I love the picture framed chalk board the most, what a great idea to do all year round!

                                 Fun Gifts

Fun Decor
kids will love to help with these


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