Friday, February 1, 2013

Recent Reads

Like anyone who is a Downton Abbey fan I was recently suffering from some serious Downton withdraws. During the off season I decided to find a book that carried the same theme as the show. There are a ton of regency novels and a lot of them are actually very cheap! I stumbled upon the Swallowcliffe Hall series on amazon and fell in love with the characters and their stories. There are four books in the series, the first 3 coming from downstairs and the 4th from up stairs. The first book starts in 1890, the second in 1914 and the third in 1939 each book going from mother to daughter. The last takes you back to 1893 through the diary of a lady of the house, which I didn't love as much as the first 3. I had to share this series with you because the books are awesome and each book is only 2.99 for Amazon Kindle!
Click on the pictures below to see a description and and excerpt from the book!


I hope you enjoy!

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