Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Canta Chicken Get Alope

It is summer and Berthoud and the surrounding areas are buzzing with fresh everything. Many of us here in Berthoud keep a flock of chickens whether for eggs or meat, business or hobby they are everywhere here from farms to apartments. Some are keeping them for the fist time and others were raised butchering their birds themselves. Either way Summer is my favorite time to enjoy having a flock of our own. I love watching them peck around the yard, having my kids collect fresh eggs on a daily basis and seeing the spring's hatch-lings grown into hens. With all the fresh produce from our garden and the markets we visit there are always plenty of fresh table scraps that make it to the girls. And in my opinion into the eggs making them that much better. Their all time favorites seem to be melons and this morning they were lucky enough to get a whole cantaloupe to themselves.  Out of our small 13 bird flock I was really able to tell which hens rule the roost. An easy way of telling is to see who gets the food first, and funny enough it was this spring's babies who endured evil Mrs Silky's rigorous and down right mean bullying who have now scratched, plucked and pecked their way to the top. Though Mrs. Silky is the matron ruler of her roost these girls have come alone way. I love watching this aspect of Coop life, who is mother hen and who is at the bottom of the pecking order. Size doesn’t matter, wit is neither here nor there it is all about sass and the will to rule the roost. I don't know maybe I can relate...wait did I just call myself witless?  If you are new to chicken ownership and have yet to feed table scraps have at it! Your flock will love you all the more. Remember always avoid avocados as chickens can NOT eat them. They don't really enjoy peppers or citrus either, at least none of the birds we have ever had do. Summer is almost come and gone so soak it up!

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