Saturday, December 3, 2016

Bitten by the Writing Bug

Its been over a year since  have written anything more than a facebook update. I have missed it, longed for it and have recently found myself needing to write again. I had stopped blogging when we unexpectedly bought a feed store.  I soon after started writing for the Berthoud Surveyor,  a small paper in a small town of Northern Colorado. Now a year has passed and countless things have changed, except my love for writing. So here I am, back again where I always find myself...picking up where I left off after many distractions.
What this all means is that life is starting to settle down again, feeling normal and like we are home. This time last December we purged our belongings and everything that was left got packed in the biggest Uhaul we could get our hands on to head South. We left northern Colorado during the first snow for sunny the Texas Hill Country. It was all a blessed plan from the man upstairs because we rented a beautiful house from 2 states away and signed an 18 month lease. The opportunity came up the same day we were supposed to sign a lease for an apartment. Though we didn't want a long lease at all it made sense for the kids school schedules to have our lease end in summer. Six months later (SUMMER) the landlord calls and says they are moving back to Texas and would love to move back into their family home if we would be interested in ending our lease early. WHAT...literally the day after we accepted an offer on our home in Colorado.  So six months in to Texas life we bought a house, moved in and 20 days later had a baby named Emmet.
Now it has been a full year and we are making friends, learning street names and have favorite places to eat. Our son for the first time can walk down the block and ask his friends to play ball. We are all finding happiness here and looking forward to what this next year will bring our family.

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